10 Candle Facts you Didn't Know About

1. You might have been (and still are^^) burning your nice candles incorrectly

The first burn time of a candle is the most important.

The first time you light a candle, you have to let it burn long enough. The whole top layer of the wax has to become liquid and that takes several hours depending on the size of your candle.

If you do not do this, then your candle will not burn evenly.

2. If your candle has started tunnelling*, you can still able to save it!

The only thing you have to do is covering the top of your candle with foil. Afterwards, cut a hole in the centre where the wick is. It encourages the hard outer wax to soften and melt evenly.

Burn your candle for several hours with the foil lid to ensure the whole top layer is liquid.

*when only the wax near the wick melts and leaves a ring of hard wax on the outer edges

3. NO SMOKE! A candle shouldn't produce smoke when it's burning

When a candle is smoking, it means the wick is too long.

Easy fix: put the flame out, wait for the wick to cool and trim it to about 6 millimetres long.

4. Rumours… Freezing a candle won't actually make it last longer

Many people say that freezing a candle before lighting it will make it last longer. Sorry… but it’s fake news!

Freezing the candle actually makes the wax crack and damages the candle.

5. No more blowing your candle! You should never blow it out

Blowing out your candle produces soot and smoke. You also might blow droplets of hot liquid wax in the surrounding area.

The best way to put out a candle is to use a candle snuffer as it puts the flame out by depriving it of oxygen. With your Frændi candle, you only need to put the lid on top of your container, easy!

6. Weird fact… Candles have been made out of cows, insects, and whales

Candles are not all vegan and natural! Tallow (a byproduct of beef fat) was popular in Europe in the Middle Ages to make candles.

Candles have also been made out of wax made out of insects and seeds. It was even made of spermaceti from sperm whales and various plants.

Candles are now mostly made from paraffin, beeswax, soy and many types of waxes.

7. Even weirder… Candles have also been made of actual whole fish

It is called “candlefish” or Eulachon. This fish has such a high-fat content that it can be used as a candle.

8. The candle flame doesn't always stand straight

Under microgravity, (like on a space station), some NASA scientists have revealed that a flame would be spherical.

This phenomenon is due to the lack of gravity.

9. That’s a cute name… A candlemaker is a chandler

Cocorico! It comes from the Old French word “chandelier”.

Before the introduction of electricity, a “chandelier” was a ceiling fitting made of several candles to light up the rooms.

10. Scented candles have a big impact on your taste buds

Our sense of taste is highly influenced by our sense of smell. So, be careful when using scented candles at the dinner table. That's one of the reasons we decided to only create unscented candles at Frændi

11. Extra fact for the road… Putting candles on cakes is a tradition dating back to Ancient Greece

True. Ancient Greeks would bring a cake decorated with candles. It represented the glowing moon, to the temple of Artemis, the Goddess of the hunt and the moon.

It only became a birthday tradition from the 1700s as every candle represented each passing year.

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