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Palm Wax for Candles!

Palm wax (or Carnauba wax) is a natural wax and is produced by hydrogenating palm oils. It’s a very versatile wax for candle making, but comes at a heavy environmental cost.

What is palm wax made of?

Palm wax is made from the oil extracted from the leaves of palm trees (generally grown in Brazil and Southeast Asia).

The palm oil is extracted, sterilized, clarified and purified. The resulting oil is then processed into different products including palm wax that you can buy under the form of hard yellow-brown flakes.

Palm wax is vegan!

The specifics of palm wax

Price (per kg): € 14 (US$ 16).

Colour: yellow.

Melting temperature: between 82 to 86 °C (180–187 °F).

Making candles with palm wax

Palm wax is a very versatile material for candle making. It:

  • Does not melt in hot summer days
  • Takes colouring easily
  • Holds fragrances

With it, you can make container candles. 

Palm wax and the environment

It has been demonstrated that palm wax production has big environmental issues. 

Land is being cleared out to grow palm trees (from which palm oil and wax are derived) and this harsh deforestation has a dramatic impact on biodiversity. It also generates a big amount of CO2 emissions.

For these reasons, we decided not to use palm wax for our candle production and advise you not to use it for candle making.

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