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What is the best candle?

What is the best candle?

The best candle type is the one that suits you and that is not toxic! For us, the best candle is an uncoloured and unscented wooden wick soy wax ca...
Vegan candle

Are our candles vegan?

The answer is YES, out candles are vegan and cruelty-free. What is a vegan candle ? A vegan candle is a candle which does not use any animal produc...
Wooden wick - Fraendi candles

Why are wooden wicks better for candles?

Let’s have a look at wooden wick candles facts, just because we love our candles and want you to know a few facts about them!
Paraffin wax candles are toxic

Don’t buy paraffin candles, it’s TOXIC!

It' is vegan, but it doesn’t mean it’s good for you and your health! Paraffin wax has proven to be TOXIC in its use as a candle. Why? How toxic is paraffin wax? What candles should you get to avoid these toxins?
Candle facts - Fraendi Hygge Candle

15 Candle Facts you Didn't Know About

We gathered 15 funny and/or interesting candle facts that will make you think "Oh really?".