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Are our candles vegan?

The answer is YES, out candles are vegan and cruelty-free.

What is a vegan candle ?

A vegan candle is a candle which does not use any animal products. For instance, some candles use beeswax, which comes from bees and is thus non-vegan.

What is the Frændi vegan Hygge candle made of?

Our vegan candle is only made out of the following materials :
  • Soy wax
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Metal

Why is it better to use vegan candles?

Vegan candles are more eco-friendly and do not participate to animal cruelty. Though beeswax might sound attractive as a natural wax to burn in your candle, you have to look at how this beeswax is produced and how the insects are treated.

Are all vegan candles healthy and eco-friendly?

No. Paraffin wax candles are vegan, but they are also toxic. They release toxins when burnt.

Soy wax candles can also harm the environment if the soy was used comes from soy fields that partake in the deforestation of forests (i. e. in South America).

At Frændi, we only use organic soy wax produced in North America. We make sure it did not participate in the deforestation of forests.

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