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How to take care of your wooden wick?

How to take care of your wooden wick?

Know how to take care of your wooden wick to get the best burn when you light your candle up.
How to recycle your candle? Use your Candle Refill Pack!

How to recycle your candle? Use your Candle Refill Pack!

Here is how to recycle your Hygge candle with an eco-friendly Candle Refill Pack. It's easy and will allow you to re-use your candle many MANY times!
Candles allowed in planes or not?

Are candles allowed in planes? Can I take my candle in a carry-on-luggage?

Well, it depends on the candle!

Some candles are counted as a liquid, so do NOT try to take them in your luggage.

Wax candles may be put in carry-on luggage, but their gel-like counterparts need to be checked.

Scented candles are toxic

Are scented candles toxic?

YES!!! Most scented candles are made of paraffin wax, which is a petroleum waste product. Paraffin wax creates highly toxic benzene and toluene when burned (both are known as carcinogens).

All these toxins are added to chemicals in scented candles, which makes the toxicity even worst!

Paraffin wax candles are toxic

Don’t buy paraffin candles, it’s TOXIC!

It' is vegan, but it doesn’t mean it’s good for you and your health! Paraffin wax has proven to be TOXIC in its use as a candle. Why? How toxic is paraffin wax? What candles should you get to avoid these toxins?
Wet spots on my candle

Why are there wet spots on my candles?

You might notice some weird spots on your candle container. These are called “wet spots” and are caused by shrinkage and air bubbles that occur as...
Candle care instruction - Fraendi hygge candles

How to take care of your Fraendi Hygge Candle

Have a look at our care instructions for your Frændi Candle.