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Rapeseed Wax
Rapeseed Wax
Rapeseed Wax
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Rapeseed Wax


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Our Rapeseed Wax is 100% natural natural and comes from sustainably-grown rapeseed in Europe. It's perfect for candle-making!
  • Premium
  • 100% natural
  • Biodegradable
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Wax in pellets
  • Rapeseed grown in Europe

How is rapeseed wax made?

Rapeseed wax is produced by the hydrogenation and hardening of the rapeseed plant (beautiful yellow flower plant also known as 'Colza' or 'Canola'). It is made from the oil that is harvested from the plant: it is basically hardened vegetable oil.

What can I use rapeseed wax for?

Our rapeseed wax is perfect for:

  • Candle-making: ideal for mold, pillar and container candles.
    • Rapeseed wax gives very white candles that can be easily coloured.
    • The wax is smooth and shiny, which gives a precise and aesthetic rendering.
    • It is strong and flexible.
  • Cosmetics-making: cream, balm, etc.

Why is rapeseed wax sustainable?

Rapeseeds are cultivated on crop fields that lie fallow several times a year in order to avoid crop diseases. It is 100% plant-based and does not need to travel from far away as it is produced in Europe.

How long until I get my order?

The delivery time is from 1 to 3 working daysWe deliver it for free to your door and by bike within Amsterdam, the Netherlands.