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Gel Wax for Candles!

Gel wax (or jelly wax) for candle making is actually not wax! It is a translucent and jelly-like material which can be used to make customisable candles.

What is gel wax made from?

Gel wax is made from mineral oil and a polymer resin.

The specifics of gel wax

Price (per kg): € 14 (US$ 16).

Texture: jelly.

Colour: transparent.

Melting temperature: 82 °C  (180 °F).

Making candles with gel wax

With gel wax, you can make see-through candles or embedded-object gel candles. Keep in mind that because of the texture of the gel wax, the only type of candles you can make is container candles.

It holds wicks, colour and fragrances just as well as a standard paraffin wax.

Keep in mind that if you want to embed something inside your gel wax candle inside, like dried fruits or glitter, make sure it will not melt at a temperature lower than the wax itself.

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