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What is Hygge?

Hygge (pronounced HOU-GHA) is a Danish word for a state of coziness and comfort. It is well-known to bring each individual a pure feeling of happiness and contentment. You can experience Hygge anywhere! Whether you are alone or with friends, at home or out.

Yes, but... what does it MEAN?

While there’s no English word that accurately describes Hygge, the idea of Hygge relates to:
- Cosiness
- Happiness
- Contentment
- Security
- Comfort
- Simplicity

You can find different words for it in non-speaking English countries such as:
- Gezelliheid (Dutch)
- Gemütlichkeit (German)
- Bien-être (French)

How can I be "hyggeligt" (Hygge-like)?

You don't need to follow guidelines or tick a checklist to feel Hygge. It only requires you to feel a conscious appreciation of the present time.

There is no “how to” Hygge guide. Hygge is very personal and adopting it as a lifestyle means knowing yourself well.

You can’t buy a "Hygge living-room" or specific "Hygge foods", even though you can find Scandinavian-style items and food like candles. Creating a Hygeg atmosphere means creating an environment in which you feel comfortable and good. 

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  • Now all became clear, many thanks for the help in this question.
  • Hi, I was just wondering, how are the candle’s being made? Is this a proces with nature’s best intrest at heart? So basicly are the candle’s eco friendly?


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