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Paraffin Wax for Candles!

Paraffin wax is the most common and widely used wax for candle-making. It is a synthetic product made from petroleum, coal or shale oil, and is extremely versatile for candles.

What is paraffin wax made of?

Paraffin wax is made from a by-product of the oil refining industry: it can be made from petroleum, coal or shale oil.

That’s why it’s also called “petroleum wax”.

The specifics of paraffin wax

Price (per kg): €9 (US$10.5).

Texture: solid at room temperature.

Colour: white/colourless.

Melting temperature: between 46 and 68 °C (115 and 154 °F).

Boiling point: above 370 °C (698 °F).

Scent: odourless.

Why is paraffin wax used for candles?

Paraffin wax is a very easy and affordable wax used for candle making.

Its solid texture at room temperature and transparent colour are perfect for making versatile types of candles like:

  • Pillar candles
  • Container candles
  • Votive candles
  • Tealight candles
  • Taper candles
  • Tart candles

Candles made with paraffin wax burn slightly quicker than the ones made from other waxes and have a translucent appearance when uncoloured.

Unfortunately, paraffin wax is not very eco-friendly and can be toxic when burnt. So watch out when you buy or make candles!

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