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The perfect candle for yoga and meditation!

A meditation candle

Meditation is here to help you clear your mind and increase your capacity to focus.

A great way to do this is by lighting a candle and focusing on its flame!

You might know this already, but many people find it way easier to clear their mind when they are focusing on an object.

Candles are also here to create a relaxing atmosphere to help with meditation.

The ZEN-iest candle

This is the zen-iest candle you can have: a wooden wick candle with bamboo lid.

Why? Well, yoga and meditation require concentration and peacefulness of the mind.

Candles are very helpful during meditation time as they enable you to focus on the light and slight sound of the flame.

Because wooden wick candles provide you with a tiny bone fire crackling sound, the experience is even better. You are able to focus yourself on the candle crackling sounds while meditating.

A relaxing candle

Calmness, peacefulness, concentration… these are must-have for every yoga or meditation session.

To use candles for meditation, you will have to choose a special candle. That candle should be able to create a relaxing environment. That’s why it’s highly recommended not to use scented or unnatural meditation candles.

The best is to use an all-natural meditation candle made of natural wax (like soy wax) and uncoloured.

What candle is the best for meditation ?

The most important is to select a non-toxic candle for meditation.

Many candles are made from toxic chemicals like paraffin. These release harmful vapours while the candle is lit. They should definitely not be used for candle meditation.

Instead, you should select a candle made from a non-toxic or natural substance, such as beeswax or soy wax. Have a look at our all-natural and perfect for meditation Frændi candle!

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