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What is the best candle?

The best candle type is the one that suits you and that is not toxic!

For us, the best candle is an uncoloured and unscented wooden wick soy wax candle!

The best candle’s features

There are a few different features that can make a candle stand out for you:

  • The color (prefer uncoloured)
  • The scent (prefer unscented)
  • The texture
  • The material (prefer natural waxes)
  • The durability
  • The sustainability

If you you what you want within these different categories, then it will draw the best candle for you. However, at Fraendi, we would like to make you aware of a few things before you get excited about your perfect candle.

The best can be the worst

Let’s say the best candle for you would be / red, with the scent of raspberry, a very hard texture (like a pillar candle) made of paraffin that lasts 12 hours and is made of non-organic wax. You’ve probably realised it by now… I just described the WORST kind of candle you can desire.

Why that?

Well, the candle type described above is probably the most toxic you can find on the market for several reasons.

  • The colours added in candles are made of particules. When burnt, they release toxics in the air. These are toxins you will inhale.
  • The added scent works the same. Once burnt, the scent becomes a toxic element.
  • Paraffin is the worst type of wax you want for your candle. It is made of by-products from oil… a highly carcinogens material, specially once burnt.

The best candle is the most natural one

So please, when you dream about the best candle you can buy, follow these simple rules:

  1. Try to avoid coloured candles.
  2. Prefer unscented or naturally scented candles (which means candles with no added scent but which have a specific smell coming from the used material, for instance beeswax or soy wax).
  3. Avoid paraffin candles and prefer more natural options such as soy wax or beeswax.

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