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Why are candles a must-have for Hygge?

Now that you know what Hygge is (AKA the Nordic art of cosiness), you probably wonder why candles are a must-have for it.

The Happiness Research Institute's studies show that 85% of people associate Hygge with candles.

Did you know that Denmark uses more candles per capita than any other country in the world?! Also, 28% of Danes light candles every day. They are essential for Hygge, but why?

Why are candles so important for Hygge?

Lighting is a key element of Hygge. Denmark is a country obsessed with lighting. Lights are used to make spaces feel relaxed and warm.

The Danish obsession with lighting is because Denmark doesn’t get much natural light in the winter.

The absence of light has a big influence on people’s mood. The Danes have realised is that if you light your rooms in the right way and create a cosy atmosphere, then winter becomes bearable (even pleasurable!).

A candle creates Hygge as it makes the atmosphere more intimate and cozy. The candlelight is not too bright and brings a feeling of comfort. It is a simple kind of daily moment.

Electric lighting is not Hygge!

In Danish, candles are called levende lys which literally means “living light”.

Candles are “instant Hygge”. They provide natural light and make us feel better than by using an electric light.

The electric lights we use at home are not cosy and not Hygge at all. These artificial lights burn too brightly and diffuse an aggressive colour.

If you think candles are too dim, there is a simple solution: light more. You can position them in groups of 3–5 to form pools of natural light around the living room.

What is a Hygge candle?

You really can’t have a Hyggelig evening without your Hygge candles. These candles are specifically made for Hygge-ing at home alone or with your friends.

Here are key features a Hygge candle should have:

  • A Hygge candle has a minimalist and Scandinavian design (with natural and bright colours, a pinch of wood…).
  • It does not spread overly strong or artificial scents (headaches are not Hygge!).
  • It is as natural as possible.
  • A must-have: a wooden wick that re-creates the sound of crackling fire.

If you want a great Hygge candle, have a look at Frændi Hygge Candles!

Hygge Candle

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