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Why are wooden wicks better for candles?

Let’s have a look at wooden wick candles facts, just because we love our candles and want you to know a few facts about them!

Fact 1 - They don’t need to be soaked…

Wooden wicks do not need to be soaked with oil or wax before being used with candles. They naturally burn wonderfully.

Fact 2 - Wooden wicks do not need to be longer for a bigger flame.

On the contrary…wooden wicks need to be trimmed to a 5 mm height. If the wick is too long, the wax will not be able to capillary all the way up and sustain a flame.

Fact 3 - Wooden wicks do work perfectly with soy wax.

Soy wax burns at a slower rate and wooden wicks are an excellent choice of a wick.

Fact 4 - Wooden Wicks do burn as well as cotton wicks, even better!

Do cotton wicks give you that lovely soft crackle or the horizontal flickering flame?

Fact 5 - Wooden wicks are less harmful to the environment than other wicks.

Cotton is a very pesticide-intensive crop contributing to polluting rivers and groundwater. It requires large amounts of water, causing degradation of soil fertility, and in some cases the drying up of some of the world’s largest inland water sources.

Fact 6 - Wooden wicks really crackle (cool, no?)!

Wooden wicks crackle when used properly.

Fact 7 - Wooden wicks are not chemically treated

One of the things our customers love about our wooden wicks is that they are a natural product and are not treated.

Fact 8 - Wooden wicks need to be trimmed with a proper wick trimmer

Even though it is possible to take care of trimming your wooden wick with your fingers, we highly advise you to use a wooden wick trimmer to get a neat and clear-cut.

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