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How to take care of your wooden wick?

Wooden wicks are awesome! They make crackling sounds when they are burning, like a real bone fire.

A wooden wick candle is 100% Hygge and will create a super cozy atmosphere.

However, wooden wicks do not burn like other wicks. They are special and required special care.

Here are 3 precious tips to take care of your candle.

Tip 1: Keep the wick short

Wooden wicks have to be kept short. The idea length is about 5mm. f the wooden wick is too long, it cannot absorb the wax and burn properly.

Most problems with wood wick candles can be solved by trimming the wick!

How to trim a wooden wick?

You must use a candle wick trimmer for your wooden wick.

Tip 2: Burn them for at least 2-4 hours 

The candle should burn for a minimum of 60 minutes so that the wax can fully melt around the jar.

If the wax melts unevenly, it will create an uneven wax pool that can drown the wick. 

Tip 3: Keep out of reach of kids or pets

Unlike our flameless wax melts, these candles have an exposed flame when in use.