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How to recycle your candle? Use your Candle Refill Pack!

Let's see how to recycle our Frændi Hygge candles with our eco-friendly Candle Refill Pack!

Step 1: make sure all the soy wax is out

It's sad, but all the soy wax of your favorite candle was consumed. Fortunately, you got a refill pack and will be able to still use it :)

Sometimes a little bit of soy wax is left at the bottom of the jar. Make sure to take it out by heating the jar and scratching the leftover wax with a spoon.

Step 2: say goodbye to your burnt wooden wick and wick holder

There is probably not much left of your wooden wick, but make sure to take it out of a tiny piece is left.

Don't forget to take the wick holder out as well.

Step 3: wash your empty candle jar!

Please wash the candle glass jar to make sure it's super clean and that there is no spots left.

You can easily clean it with warm water and a sponge.

Step 4: dry the glass jar and place the new wick in

After drying the glass jar, you will be able to place the new wooden wick in.

First, you need to put the three wooden wicks in the mettalic holder you received in the refill kit.

Make sure it's properly set in so that it will not move.

Then you only need to stick the metallic wick holder to the bottom of the glass jar. Make sure to place it in the middle of the jar.

Candle Refill Pack - Setting the wicks in the jarCandle Refill Pack

Step 5: melt your soy wax

Serious matter starts now! Start boiling some water in a pan (not too much though). Make sure you have at least a 4cm water depth.

Open your refill packs and pour the soy wax in another mettalic container like a can.

Then, place the can in the boiling water. You can keep th heat on, but make sure it's not too hot so that the water doesn't boil to fast.

Candle Refill Pack - Melting the wax

Step 6: time to pour the melted wax in the candle jar

Be extra careful for this step. When you see that all the wax is melted, take the can out and let it cool down a little bit (for the experts, you have to let it cool to 60°C).

Once the temperature is lower but the wax is still all melted, put your cooking gloves on and pour the melted wax in your candle glass jar very carefully.

Step 7: make sure the wooden wick stays in the center

Once the wax is in the candle jar, have a look at it and make sure the wooden wick is still well-positioned in the middle. To do so, you can use a knife or even chopsticks.

Refill Candle Kit - Pour the wax

Step 8: be patient

Now sit down and relax! Your candle is almost ready. You just need to let the wax solidify. This might take a few hours.

After the candle is solid, you only have to cut your wooden wick so that it's only 2 to 5mm long. We advise you to use a candle trimmer for that! You can now finally enjoy your Frændi Hygge candle again and again...

Candle Refill Pack - Was is hardening

Candle Refill Pack

Note (tip from the pro): if you see some holes in the wax, it means the room temperature was a bit too cold (<21°C). To fix this you just need to use a heat gun or a hair dryer. It will apply some soft heat to re-melt the top layer of the wax and fill the hole when it hardens again.

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