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Candle Gift Starter Box
Candle Gift Starter Box
Candle Making Kit
Candle Making Kit
Candle Gift Starter Box

Candle Making Kit


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Looking for a candle-making kit so you can Do It Yourself? FRÆNDI created the first eco-friendly candle making kit of the Netherlands. 

This vegan candle making kit enables first-timers or expert candle-makers to create 2 scented candles. You can choose between our 3 amazing scents.

What does our eco friendly candle making kit contains?

This candle-making kit contains all you need to make your first 2 candles all by yourself:

  • 2x ceramic candle containers with bamboo lids
  • 2x 180g of soy wax
  • 2x sets of wooden wicks
  • 2x wick holders
  • 2x bottom stickers
  • 1x candle scent of choice (Crazy Coconut, Euphoric Eucalyptus or Royal Rosemary & Thyme, Bella Citronella)
  • 1x instruction card

What type of candle will I make with this candle-making pack?

With this candle-making kit, you will make two healthy, sustainable, vegan, 100% natural soy wax candles with crackling wooden wicks and natural scent! Pretty cool, right?!

For who is this candle-making kit?

This kit a a starter pack for new candle-makers - first timers! If you become a candle-making addict, we can provide you with the best supplies (candle waxes, wooden wicks, wick holders...) so you can become more creative in your candle-making adventures :).

When will I get my candle-making kit?

The delivery time is from 1 to 3 working daysWe deliver it for free to your door and by bike within Amsterdam, the Netherlands.