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How to Make a soy wax container candle with a wooden wick?

Adventurer of the DIY, welcome to the world of candle making and all its secrets. We will share with you the recipe and tips of wooden wick candle making.

So you want to learn how to make a wooden wick candle? 

If this is your first time making a candle, no worries we are here to help!

While it isn’t super hard to put a wick and some wax into a container to call it a candle, making a candle that burns properly takes some time, experiences and failures. 

Let’s make a wooden wick container candle :)

1. Choose the right wax

The first step is choosing the proper wax. 

You need to make sure the wax you choose is meant for container candles (if you are not sure, have a look at this article).

At Frændi Hygge CandIes, we use 100% soy wax as it’s more natural and eco-friendly (even if soy wax can be tricky sometimes).

2. Choose your fragrance (if you want one^^)

The best is to choose a fragrance specifically made to be used in candle making. Make sure you like the smell as the candle will diffuse it in the heart of your home, and smelly candles are not Hygge-like.

3. Choose your candle container

The most important if to make sure your container is safe to contain a burning candle. In terms of size, find a container with a diameter between 5 and 8 cm.

4. Choose your wick

At Frændi candles, we think wooden wicks are the best!

Choosing the right wick for the candle wax and container is the most important step to achieve the best candle experience.

Many factors determine how a candle will burn: wax blend, fragrance type, container diameter, the temperature at which the wax is heated and poured, the wick size, the ambient room temperature, …  

If you would like to use another kind of wick, have a look at the different wicks options!

Let’s make our wooden wick Hygge candle:

You will need:

  • Soy wax
  • A container/vessel
  • Some candle fragrance
  • A wooden wick
  • A wick clip
  • A wick sticker
  • A pouring pot
  • A thermometer
  • A heat gun (optional)


  • Cover the area you will be working on just in case there are any spills or mishaps.
  • Clean your container and set the wooden wick by placing a wick sticker at the bottom of the wick clip and attaching it to the centre bottom of your container. For wooden wicks, there is no need to attach the top of the wick to a wick bar as wooden wicks are rigid and will remain straight as long as the wick tab is affixed to the bottom of the vessel.
  • Melt your wax in a double boiler in a wax pouring pitcher or wax heater until liquefied (no more than 200 degrees F).
  • Add the fragrance.  Make sure to spend a couple minutes briskly stirring the fragrance into the wax.
  • Slowly pour the blend of wax and fragrance into your vessel.
  • If you are using 100% soy wax you might need to poke relief holes as the candle is cooling.
  • Once the candle is fully cooled (do not refrigerate), depending on the type of wax used, you may need to do a re-pour to level out the surface.  If not, we suggest using a heat gun – being very careful not to burn the wick – and quickly wave above the surface of the candle for a perfectly smooth finish (do not use a hairdryer as that will melt and blow the wax creating a big mess.)

And, voilà! Your wooden wick Hygge candle is ready... now is the time to light it up!



So, how is your homemade wooden wick candle? Cool, no? If you found that it was not as easy as it sounds, you can also directly buy our Frændi Hygge Candle ;)

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