Rapeseed (or canola) Wax for Candles!

Rapeseed wax (or canola wax) is a natural vegetable and vegan wax used in candle making.

What is rapeseed wax made from?

Rapeseed wax is made from the oil that is harvested from the plant: it is basically hardened vegetable oil.

The specifics of rapeseed wax

Price (per kg): € 9 (US$ 10.5).

Texture: firm.

Colour: white/beige.

Melting temperature: 43°C (109 °F).

Making candles with rapeseed wax

With rapeseed wax, you can make container and pillar candles. 

Be aware that with rapeseed wax, you should also use larger wicks than you would usually with other waxes.

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