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Candle Wick Trimmer

Candle Wick Trimmer


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Your own wooden wick trimmer!

  • Perfect Wick Trimmer for wooden wick candles
  • Wick trimmer built-in in debris trays to collect the cut parts of the wick
  • Enable candle wicks to be trimmed to reduce soot and smoking
  • Works really well to trim wicks into jar and container candles

What is a candle wick trimmer?

The FRÆNDI Candle Wick Trimmer is long scissors made to trim the burnt parts of your candle's wick.

With our Candle Wick Trimmer, you can also catch the burnt parts you cut to avoid leaving them in the candle wax. This Wooden Wick Cutter has a built-in debris tray.

Why is it important to use a candle wick trimmer?

Keeping your wooden wick trimmed at all time is the key to enjoy the best Hygge candle experience.

As you keep your Hygge Candle wooden wick trimmed, you will reduce soot and smoking.

Why is Fraendi's Wick Trimmer awesome?

This Wick Trimmer is great for all types of candles but works amazingly well for wooden wick Hygge candles.

It is also the best Wick Trimmer to reach into jar and container candles.

Dimensions: 21 x 6 x 20 cm.

Weight: 84 g.
The delivery time is from 1 to 3 working daysWe deliver it for free to your door and by bike within Amsterdam, the Netherlands.