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How to practice candle light meditation?

During meditation, it is very common to get distracted. Candle light meditation is a way to keep your focus during meditation.

What Is Candle Light Meditation?

Candle light meditation is open-eye mediation (yes, it exists^^).

With this style of meditation, you stare at the candle flame while meditating.

For many trying to practice meditation, it is easier to focus on a physical object.

How to do Candle Light Meditation?

1. To begin with the candle light meditation process, you have to set up your environment.

- Switch off bright lights
- Cover the windows
- Ensure the room is at ambient temperature

2. The, it’s finally time to light your meditation candle!

3. Sit at around 50 cm from the candle and position the candle at eye-level.

You have to be comfortable when looking at the candle flame. Do it in a chair, or cross-legged, in front of the candle.

4. Start gazing at the flame. 

Let the image of the candle fill your mind.

Keep your gaze fixed till you achieve a state of calmness. While staring at the candle, breathe in and breathe out.

You will slowly find yourself getting into a state of concentration and peace. That’s where the meditation starts.

What are the benefits Of Candle Light Meditation

Candle light meditation is here to help you improve your mental stability and focus.

When your eyes are fixed on the candle flame, they don’t see anything beyond it.

Your brain does not receive any new information to process as it is the nerves of your eyes that send signals to your brain.

Images beside the candle fade away from your vision and while your eyes are open, you only see the candle flame.

What candle to use for candle light meditation?

The candle colour disperses different forms of energy during the meditation process.

Candle color Energy
White candle Clarity in vision
Indigo Wisdom
Turquoise Healing
Yellow Inner power and self-confidence
Orange The ability to survive a loss
Red Courage and physical strength
Pink Warmth and empathy


At Fraendi candles, we offer a great candle option for meditation. Our Hygge candles are meditation-approved!

The meditation candle we offer is made of soy wax and has a wooden wick.

Wooden wick candles are known to be the best kind of meditation candle as the flame is bigger and stronger, it is thus easier to focus on it. Have a look at our meditation candle :)

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